Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Visitor Review

Recently I had watched the movie "The Visitor." It is a very insightful and interesting movie. It was more of a movie to demonstrate and show how immigration and people are treated in these modern post 9/11 times. After 9/11, the United States had look tougher on immigration and people being in the country illegally. This movie shows the life of an older college professor that is recently widowed. His wife was a talented pianist and he is destined to learn how to play the piano to remember her and fill that void that she left. After constant failures of not being able to play the piano he decides to give up. He is required to go to a conference in New York City by his administration at the school. He shows up in NYC at an apartment he owned but hadn't lived in for a very long time. He arrives to notice 2 immigrants living in his place and he chooses for them to stay with him because they have nowhere else to go. He begins to fancy the male's drum and wants to learn how to play it. He starts to practice more and more and then plays in a park with the young male. After entering the subway on their way home the man is accused of entering the subway illegally. He is held in an immigration building in NYC. The older man named Walter decides he will attempt to help this man get out of the immigration building by hiring a lawyer. The man's mom shows up worried about her son and Walter has her stay in his apartment with him. Walter starts to develop a relationship with the woman and abruptly the man is deported out of the country.
This movie is a great message to how people are treated in this country based on their appearance. This country was built around immigrants from various countries specifically in western Europe. Since 9/11 the Country has become very difficult for immigrants to receive clearance to stay in the country as a citizen. I believe that if a person is causing no harm to the country that they should be able to stay. But I am also glad to be in a country and know that certain precautions are being taken everyday to ensure my safety.

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