Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dodgeball in a School Setting

I believe that Dodgeball is not necessarily a bad thing to have in a PE curriculum. There is ways of course that it could be potentially hazardous and bad for kids. If you used balls that are heavy and would hurt to be hit with of course. Also if all the best athletes in the class were on one team instead of being divided equally.
A way of integrating it into a PE class would be using light soft balls instead of a rubber ball. Another method of teaching and playing Dodgeball that my high school Physical Education program used is a variation that is more fair. The variation that my high school used was that you could not throw with your dominant hand in one round. In a new game the new rule might be that you could only throw behind the back. Another rule is making the children throw underhand. Once a person was hit with a ball that person would have to sit on the ground. If a ball rolled to them they could grab it and throw it at a person with their dominant hand. This gave an advantage to the kids that may always be the ones to get out first because they would always have a chance to get back into the game.
This is a great method that worked really well with our PE class. I was also gifted with great PE teachers who always looked for a way to get eveyone involved.

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