Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Mary's lab #1

The group I primarily focused on for the first lab was Pre-K. I was in a room with children that were building some sort of wall with fake cardboard bricks. This was interesting because their motor skills were far advanced relative to their social skills. But as well there were differences between the different kids. For instance Zane was very social with me and the other kids. He communicated very well. At one point I learned something from Zane. I asked him what this yellow tower was with this thing on the top. With little to no hesitation he said “It’s a clock tower.” I was very impressed because he went on about how in 1918 there was a clock tower in Cortland that had burned down and he said he remembered it happening. Motor behavior is by no means directly related to social behavior. Most of the Pre-K groups of kids were very advanced socially and with motor skills. I noticed a difference between girls than boys in this group. The boys had more motor skills than the girls but the girls had incredible imaginations.
One activity that I did with one of the Pre-K students was soccer. Nikolas was kicking around a soccer ball and I attempted to play defense on him and Nik would kick it past me or between my legs. Once the ball would go past me I would run it down then attempt to dribble around Nik which ended up in him playing defense. I didn’t notice at the time what I was doing but I was teaching him fundamental motor activities such as defense and kicking the ball. This made me quite happy because I wasn’t even trying to teach him these skills I was just playing a simple game and he learned things.

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