Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Mary's lab #2

I believe that our activity with the parachute was not very easy. Most of the kids did not listen especially the boys did not listen because they were fascinated by the parachute. Most of the kids just shook it when they weren’t supposed to and were running underneath nonstop. I found that strategies that do work well are describing the game like it is the greatest game they will ever play. If you are not enthused teaching the game the kids will not be enthused to play the game.
The focus of lab 2 was running, hopping, and galloping. Some students didn’t hop as well as others or even correctly hop like the other kids did. Most kids do not know the difference between a hop and a jump or a leap. Most kids were trying to hop on two feet. I observed Casey and Michael and they were 6 years old. They were fairly good at doing each skill. I don’t believe that Michael knew exactly the correct way to gallop. He didn’t exactly bend his knees the whole time he was doing it. But it could be just that they do not know how to do the skills in general. But overall I believed that the age group of 6 years old is well educated physically with these skills. But you can obviously notice the difference between skill ability among kids that are more active than kids that are less active outside the school environment.

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