Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Mary's lab #5

Another activity we did was guard the castle. We modified this game to fit the certain objectives that were supposed to be accomplished for the day. We had cones set up with hula hoops around them. The kids had to kick or roll the ball at the cones on the other team’s side to knock them over. This game ended up working out better than we had thought. The only issue was that the children were cheating by throwing the ball instead of rolling it like they were supposed to.
This was a good lab because we worked well as a group and it was a team effort and we each came up with good ideas. At the beginning of the lab we knew what we were going to do but each of us had our own thing we were going to do to it to make it more fun for the children. I enjoyed working with the children at St. Mary's it gave me opportunity to get more experience.

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