Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Mary's lab #4

St. Mary’s has been a great experience for me to realize how it is to get hands on experience teaching physical education. I think one of the biggest challenges I faced was the second lab where we used the parachute. One of the problems was getting the kids to focus on the game being played and less of hiding underneath the parachute and shaking it when they weren’t supposed to. One thing as well that would happen would be kids not playing by the rules while they were doing an activity. Or doing a part of an activity before they were supposed to. Another thing that was hard was getting every kid involved. Some kids only wanted to do certain things like play basketball and wouldn’t give any other games any chance. For the most part though it was good to be there and an educational experience. I gained much knowledge about children and how they will act in different situations and environments.
It is important to get children involved as much as possible. Another thing also to avoid children sitting out on activities adapt the activity to make it something they may enjoy. What I found also helps is when you have different activities happening throughout the gym such as some kids playing basketball and some playing soccer. Another thing is having some sort of discipline. At least having a loud voice helps to direct the kids in doing some activities because they won’t listen to you if you do not have a loud voice. As well not having enthusiasm in your voice doesn’t make the children listen very well to your activity and how you describe it. Sometimes you need to make yourself a kid in a sense. Make yourself interested in the activity so then you know the kids will get interested in the activity.

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