Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Mary's lab #3

I observed Casey and Mike again and they were good at doing the different skills. They were 6 years old each and both were pretty good at sliding but with most of the students when it came down to leap they just ended up running because they wanted to do it really fast to get to the next objective. I really thought that the girls understood the skills better than the guys because they were more patient in doing the skills.
I used a calming voice that was also making things simple for their level. I try to get them excited for what is coming up next and I feel like they enjoyed it. I made a game where batman was trapped and they had to retrieve joker cards to get batman out. The kids enjoyed the game quite a bit the only problem was the Sean got jumped on afterwards and hurt. I wouldn’t try screaming to explain things because it just gets your voice tired and the kids are less likely to listen. If you seem interested in the activity more than likely they will be interested as well.
If you are corky, kids will turn to that. If you are interesting the kids will love it. One thing kids love is props and the way you implement them into your lesson. They can relate things to props better because kids at a young age are primarily visual learners. I found that certain items do not work very well such as using a parachute didn’t work very well because the students would just jump on it whenever they had the chance.

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